Jungle Captives - Part Three - Arielle Lane 0
Jungle Captives - Part Three - Arielle Lane 1
Jungle Captives - Part Three - Arielle Lane 2

In the next chapter of this jungle fantasy, the evil Colonel Jackman suspects that humanitarian volunteer Arielle Lane (in uniform blouse, ankle boots and short skirt) is secretly working with Pristine Edge, and so he grabs the leggy beauty to eliminate any possible threat she may pose. Arielle is tightly cleavegagged and the villain securely ties her to a tree in a narrow corridor. He informs his stunning prisoner that after nightfall the passage is used by a cackle of hyenas from a nearby wildlife preserve, and that she'll make a tasty dinner for them. The Colonel leaves poor Arielle to her unspeakable fate and she struggles to escape this dire peril. Despite her efforts to free herself, the knots hold tight and all appears lost, but then the situation takes a surprising turn!