Jungle Captives - Part Four - Valentina Nappi 0
Jungle Captives - Part Four - Valentina Nappi 1
Jungle Captives - Part Four - Valentina Nappi 2

In the next part of this jungle fantasy, the evil Colonel Jackman needs a way to fund his insane schemes, so he grabs vacationing heiress Valentina Nappi. The dark-haired beauty is wearing only a short dress, and she's tied standing hands-over-head in his lair. She demands that the villain release her, but instead he ends her protests with several strips of duct tape pressed onto her lips (shown on-screen). He tells his gorgeous hostage that she'll remain his guest until her father pays for her release, and he leaves her alone. The busty socialite moans and struggles in her bondage, but she knows she can't get away. Later the Colonel returns with good news: Her father came through with the money, and so he'll be letting her go... but he hasn't decided what to do with her until then. The fiend unzips her dress and yanks it aside to reveal all of Valentina's feminine charms, and the busty, barefoot heiress frets and pulls against the unrelenting bonds but she knows there's no hope of escape for her. Later Valentina is seated, detective-gagged, handcuffed and locked in leg-irons when her ordeal is ended by a mysterious hero.