Jungle Captives - Part Five - Arielle Lane 0
Jungle Captives - Part Five - Arielle Lane 1
Jungle Captives - Part Five - Arielle Lane 2

Encore! Now you can enjoy this steamy story from an exciting, different perspective! In the conclusion of this bondage-filled jungle fantasy, it is now months later, and we learn what became of Arielle Lane. The stunning brunette not only escaped the Colonel's trap, she thrived, becoming a legendary queen of the jungle. When she returns to confront her old nemesis at his compound, the cunning villain activates a hidden switch and traps the bikini-clad adventuress in a capture net! When we next see Arielle of the Jungle she's tightly cleavegagged and strictly tied into an inescapable hogtie (including a toe-tie). The Colonel decides he's going to flee, but when he leaves he intends to wipe out the surrounding village... and Arielle along with it! He bares her perfect breasts and escapes, and Arielle frantically squirms against the ropes. But the trussed-up jungle queen is completely helpless and the clock is running out. How will she ever be able to save the village and herself?