Innocent Vixens - Part Three - Lucy Purr 0
Innocent Vixens - Part Three - Lucy Purr 1
Innocent Vixens - Part Three - Lucy Purr 2

After her self-bondage game is interrupted by a burglar, sexy secretary Lucy Purr is taken hostage for real. The office invader decides to have some evil fun with his unexpected luck, and he then strips his leggy hostage down to her panties, stockings, garters and heels and he binds her into a stretched-out horizontal position with her hands overhead. The helpless secretary is gagged with duct tape, and she wonders if the cruel intruder is done putting her through her bondage paces. While he's loading his ill-gotten goods into his car, Lucy does her best to liberate herself, but all her efforts are for naught! When the burglar returns he informs the busty babe that he's going to tie her up in a special way for her boyfriend to find her. He ties up Ms. Purr standing at her desk with her legs wide apart, secured in this position and with a tight crotchrope too. The villain makes his escape and poor Lucy is left alone again to struggle. Will she be rescued by her boyfriend, or discovered by someone else in this humiliating situation?

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Sonntag, 09. Juli 2017, 03:12 Uhr anonym ★★★★★ This Lucy series are the best videos. Lucy is gorgeous. The light colour lingerie (panties should be always in light colour) are stunning. But there should be more camel toes, without the rope between her legs, more zoom between her legs, for instance, from behind, while standing near the desk with the face over it AND while lying on her back, as in this part 3, AND while sitted (upskirt). She should be more hairy, exactly as Arielle with in that very good video with purple panties (if Arielle's panties were in light colour it would be perfect). The gags are fine (I don't like ball gags, but the others are stunning). Hand gags would also be exciting. I would like very much to see Lucy again, and Arielle.
Sonntag, 09. Juli 2017, 03:22 Uhr anonym Classic light colour (mainly white, beige and pink) panties like those that Lucy is wearing are always stunning. If we had also some classic bra, with her breasts in and out the bra, that would be extremely exciting. If, among all this, a man grabbed her from behind, with the arm and hand over her mouth, hips, breast and pussy (upskirt) it would be heaven.
Sonntag, 09. Juli 2017, 03:39 Uhr anonym Ah, there should be some parts and zooms with her legs spreaded, certainly. Sitted and lying. You should not tie one leg with the other, unless you want to shoot the girl from behind-below.
Sonntag, 09. Juli 2017, 03:44 Uhr anonym At least don't tie one thigh with rhe other, unless for a short while. Both ankles are OK. We want to see her legs spread.
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