Hotel Intrigue - Part Three - Lola Pearl 0
Hotel Intrigue - Part Three - Lola Pearl 1
Hotel Intrigue - Part Three - Lola Pearl 2

In the next part of this tale, an evil producer comes to visit Lola Pearl, who's still being held captive in her hotel room. The perverted pornographer wastes no time in ushering Lola into her new life as a fetish model. The sexy thief is silenced with a microfoam tape gag and bound with her long legs tied wide apart. Not satisfied with a panty-peek and unobstructed views of her stocking-tops and garters, the producer soon reveals Lola's sensational boobs. Then he takes it to the next level and ropes the leggy babe into a tight hogtie on the bench. Lola moans through her gag, wiggles and tries her best to free herself, but she knows she's completely at his mercy. And she apprehensively wonders what he has in store for her next!