Hotel Intrigue - Part One - Lola Pearl 0
Hotel Intrigue - Part One - Lola Pearl 1
Hotel Intrigue - Part One - Lola Pearl 2

In a fancy hotel, gorgeous art thief Lola Pearl is preparing to make the biggest score of her career. She's snagged some very valuable bondage drawings by a renowned artist, and she's arranged to sell them for a veritable fortune. But before she can complete the deal, the stunning brunette is confronted by a masked villain. Lola is cleavegagged, chair-tied and protesting as the black-clad baddie examines his prize. Her captor leaves his luscious prisoner alone while he hands off the loot to a confederate, and Lola takes advantage of the opportunity to make an escape attempt. She struggles against the relentless restraints, but she's still securely bound when he returns. The villain opens up her blouse and pulls down her bra to expose Lola's breasts. The helpless thief moans in despair when he tells her that her career is over and she's being recruited into the dark world of fetish modeling. The criminal makes his getaway, and Lola tries in vain to liberate herself and escape this terrible situation — but it seems her fate is sealed!