Hotel Intrigue - Part Five - Lola Pearl 0
Hotel Intrigue - Part Five - Lola Pearl 1
Hotel Intrigue - Part Five - Lola Pearl 2

Captive art thief Lola Pearl is dressed up in lacy bra and panties, tapegagged with microfoam tape and tied down to the sofa with her hands roped overhead and her ankles crossed and bound. And as a final touch there's a powerful vibrator secured against nether region. The Hitachi has been switched on as the scene unfolds, and poor Lola fights against the ropes and tries to resist the inescapable hum of the device. But there's no relief from her bondage or the one-note song of the vibrator, and she ultimately surrenders to a helpless climax. Yet her cruel captor isn't satisfied with this, and he turns up the speed on the toy and compels his trussed-up prisoner to have an orgasmic encore.