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Statuesque beauty Agatha Delicious (in a low-cut top, denim shorts and heels) is confronted in her home by a POV intruder. She tells the villain he can take anything he wants and she begs him not to hurt her. But the invader has other plans for his stunning host. When we next see the blonde goddess, she's bandana-gagged and bound hand and foot on the sofa. Agatha struggles and squirms, and tries to reason with her captor through her gag. But the villain is enjoying the show, and he has no intention of freeing his leggy captive. It's not long until he decides to take advantage of her helplessness, and he pulls down Agatha's top to expose her spectacular breasts. The trussed-up babe continues her cleavegagged pleas to her cruel captor. But instead of letting her loose, he pulls down her shorts as well as her lacy black panties, completely baring his luscious prey. How much longer must Agatha endure this humiliating ordeal at the hands of this depraved maniac? What does he have planned for her next?