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Rumors of improprieties at the American Damsel News Network are circulating, and now we find out if they're true. As the story opens, hopeful newscaster Arielle Lane is brought to a secret employee lounge for the final part of her interview. It's apparent she really wants the job, because she agrees to play along with the corporate perverts. But once the stunning brunette is tied hand and foot in the company dungeon, she begins to reconsider her decision. Dressed up in a miniskirt, buttoned blouse, pantyhose and open-toed heels, she's bound in a crossed-ankle seated position and cleavegagged. Before long Arielle is tied standing hands-over-head and ballgagged. Her blouse is opened up and the gorgeous newscaster helplessly drools all over her exposed breasts. She struggles against her restraints, but our damsel knows her captors aren't going to let her go just yet.

Ms. Lane's interview for the news network continues well into the night. Arielle puts on a fetishistic lingerie ensemble: a lacy retro-style girdle outfit with stockings, garters, sheer gloves and high heels. The leggy news-babe is gagged with silver duct tape and roped to a gynecology exam table, her legs spread wide apart and her feet tied to the stirrups -- and with a powerful vibrator secured in place between her thighs. The restrained newsreader is given a moment to contemplate her inescapable situation, and then the magic wand begins its one-note siren song. Arielle struggles and moans, but she soon surrenders to a series of helpless orgasms.

But Arielle is not the only prospective on-air personality up for consideration by the news network. Vivian Ireene Pierce has a similar yet more peculiar conclusion for her interview. The eager applicant agrees to their unusual request to put on a science fiction slave costume, and she indulges their entreaties to wear some chained cuffs. But then the buxom redhead complains when she's tied hand and foot by her prospective bosses. Her trepidation is answered with a cleavegag, and the feisty damsel energetically struggles to liberate herself. She slips her hands out of the bonds and pulls down her gag to protest, yet then the barefoot news-babe is re-gagged and securely bound into a ropey hogtie. Vivian manages to squirm off the sofa onto the floor, but the knots all hold tight this time. Will either of these captive newscasters win the coveted position at the naughty network?

The story is followed by "The Black Hoodie Returns!" The tale of the masked villain resumes at Professor Wayne Garth's laboratory. Sexy receptionist Jelena Jensen remains the captive of the dark intruder. The busty beauty has been stripped down to her lacy bra and panties, and she's bound into a foldtie. Her captor has ballgagged the stunning brunette, and she can't help but salivate down her voluminous breasts. Then the busty, barefoot office-babe is roped to the love seat while in a cross-legged position, her arms bound wide apart. Her bra is pulled down to reveal her huge breasts and she's been silenced with microfoam tape wrapped around her head, under her hair. Jelena struggles to escape, but her efforts are all in vain.

Then former superheroine Terra Mizu arrives at the laboratory for her appointment with Jelena's boss. But the professor is out and Ms. Jensen is nowhere to be found. Instead the unsuspecting adventuress is met by her old nemesis The Black Hoodie! The shadowy scoundrel is the one who robbed the red-haired beauty of her powers, but she's hopelessly outmatched and falls into his clutches again. Terra (in miniskirt, blouse and pantyhose) is cleavegagged and hogtied on the sofa by the villain to keep her out of the way while he completes his mysterious mission at the lab. Our resilient damsel manages to squirm onto the floor, but before she can get very far she's caught again by the Black Hoodie. The cruel criminal tightly binds her elbows together and bares her enormous breasts. Left alone again, Terra continues her futile escape attempt. But she's still helplessly trussed up when he returns for her.

Ms. Mizu is then dressed only in her pantyhose and bound into a frogtie. The Black Hoodie stuffs a large cloth between her lips and seals it in with 3" wide microfoam tape. He informs the busty redhead of the dire fate he has planned for her, and he makes a hasty exit. The stocking-footed damsel moans and athletically squirms against her bondage, but she can't get away! Will someone save Terra in time, or is she doomed?