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The tale of Freedom Woman continues with a brief recap of "Freedom Woman Captured!" Our masked adventuress (Riley Reyes) has been lured into a trap by devious damsel Agatha Delicious, overpowered and delivered to an uncertain fate at the hands of the evil Coach. As this chapter opens, Freedom Woman is completely helpless, securely bound with ropes and straps on a bare mattress and silenced with a strap gag. A powerful vibrator is held in place between her thighs, and soon her depraved tormentor enters to gloat over his gorgeous prize and activate the device. Freedom Woman moans and struggles to free herself, but the bonds are inescapable! She tries her best to resist the siren-song of the vibrator, but it's not long before she surrenders to an ineluctable orgasm.

Next we learn the fate of the devious blonde, Agatha Delicious. Despite her loyalty to the Coach and her help in capturing Freedom Woman, Agatha has been betrayed! The stunning vixen is dressed in sexy black lingerie and thigh-high boots and she's strapped down to a bed with a vibrator strategically secured between her legs. When the Coach enters, she tells him she can't believe he would double-cross her in such a manner. He assures her it's just business, and besides, she knows too much about his organization now. He ballgags his luscious damsel and tells her details of his horrible plans for her. He then switches on the vibrator, and Agatha strains against the relentless restraints. But she can't free herself or resist the powerful device, and she succumbs to a shuddering, back-arching orgasm.

When we next see Freedom Woman, she has been completely tamed by the Coach. He arrives at home and the defeated champion of justice (in a maid uniform, high heels and fishnet stockings) is wearing handcuffs, leg-irons and a harness ballgag. She meekly greets her master with a cocktail, then assumes a bent-over position while he tells her about the evening's activities. Then Freedom Woman is tapegagged and tied in a hands-over-head frogtie position. Then the Coach assures his pet that the guests will be quite happy with the entertainment that the defeated damsel will soon provide.

The story is followed by the next episode of the 1950s-era sitcom parody "Always In Trouble." As "The Missing Movie Star" begins, screen siren Sarah Brooke has come home to Las Captivas for a visit, but she's promptly nabbed by criminals. The stunning redhead is dressed in an iconic white dress and high heels, and thoroughly roped to a chair. When she complains too much, she's given a bandana cleavegag to chew on while her tormentors take some photos for the newspapers. But the randy bad guys can't resist the movie star's obvious charms, and Sarah's unable to resist when they expose her voluptuous breasts.

The local police decide on a daring plan to find the missing starlet, and they send Detective Luci Lovett undercover into the seedy world of bondage modeling to get leads in the case. But the crooks are one step ahead of them, and they see through the buxom brunette's disguise. Unfortunately, the plucky detective (in retro-style lingerie, corset, gloves, stockings and garters and heels) is tied standing with her hands overhead and her legs separated with a spreader-bar when they tell Luci that her cover's been blown. They detective-gag their curvy damsel and she struggles in vain, moaning pitifully for release as they leer at the topless, bound beauty.

The bad guys then spirit the helpless detective to their hideout. The luckless damsel (in lacy lingerie, stockings and garters, gloves and high heels) is ballgagged and bound spreadeagled on the bed. A vibrator is tightly held in place against her naked womanhood, and soon it's activated by the taunting villains. Detective Lovett tries her best to fight the ropes and the overwhelming influence of the Hitachi, but she loses the battle and surrenders to a series of powerful orgasms. Will she ever be able to rescue the missing movie star, or herself?