Freedom Woman Captured! - Part Three - Riley Reyes 0
Freedom Woman Captured! - Part Three - Riley Reyes 1
Freedom Woman Captured! - Part Three - Riley Reyes 2

Freedom Woman (Riley Reyes) has been taken prisoner by unknown villains. As her captivity continues, we next see Freedom Woman (in pantyhose, leotard, boots, gloves and mask) kneeling, securely bound and ballgagged. The defeated damsel drools helplessly down her chest, nervously waiting for the mysterious man who arranged for her to be taken. Soon the boss arrives, an influential criminal mastermind known only as "The Coach." He removes our sexy protagonist's belt, and then takes great pleasure as he relieves her of her mask -- and her secret identity! The Coach removes his lovely captive's gag, and compels her to wrap her lips around a mounted dildo. The villain informs Freedom Woman that it's no ordinary phallic device in her mouth, and it will transform her into a submissive bondage slave. Influenced by the diabolical toy, she can't stop herself from sucking the dildo until the Coach ends the session. Will Freedom Woman ever be able to escape this dire fate? The story will be concluded soon!