Escape Class - Part One - Lola Pearl 0
Escape Class - Part One - Lola Pearl 1
Escape Class - Part One - Lola Pearl 2

Our story opens at the offices of Sly Private Investigations, specifically in the storage room. Leggy office manager Lola Pearl (in blouse, miniskirt, pantyhose and high heels) is securely tied to a chair and cleavegagged, and the sexy brunette struggles in vain to extricate herself from this predicament. But in some candid moments, we see on her face that being bound and gagged isn't all distress for Ms. Pearl. She finally surrenders to her restraints, and it's revealed that this scenario has all been part of an agency-required class to teach their employees how to escape when captured. The instructor unties her, and he tells the alluring office manager that soon he or one of his employees will return to give Lola another chance to successfully complete the exercise. She protests, saying she's far too busy for this, but the instructor reminds her that according to the employee agreement she signed, passing the class is mandatory.