Escape Class - Part Four - Skylar Snow 0
Escape Class - Part Four - Skylar Snow 1
Escape Class - Part Four - Skylar Snow 2

This story of office bondage and intrigue continues in another file storage room. Busty secretary Skylar Snow (in open-toed high heels, thigh high stockings and tight-fitting blouse and skirt) is snooping around when she's surprised by the burglar. It quickly becomes apparent that not only do they know each other, but they're also professional rivals. Yet the dark villain has the upper hand over the undercover operative, and Skylar is bound hand and foot in a classic position on a convenient bare mattress being stored nearby. It seems Skylar has interfered with several of his jobs, and now he's out for revenge after being cheated of some big paydays by her. He stuffs her mouth and tapegags his luscious competitor, then he bares Skylar's voluptuous breasts to add to the humiliation of her defeat. The vanquished vixen then struggles and moans in hopes of freeing herself and mitigating this mortifying defeat, but it seems she's hopelessly stuck.