Double Agent Blues - Part Six - Kiki D'Aire 0
Double Agent Blues - Part Six - Kiki D'Aire 1
Double Agent Blues - Part Six - Kiki D'Aire 2

In this tale starring Kiki D'Aire, she tells us how she came out to Hollywood to be a serious actress, but soon discovered that the roles she mostly frequently lands is that of the guest-starring eye candy for TV shows and movies who usually gets into trouble and needs to be rescued by the hero, or what she calls "The Damsel Of The Week." She presents one such example as she guest stars in an episode of "Yank Johnson, All American." As an imperiled heiress, Kiki (in pantyhose, heels and a pink skirt suit) is nabbed by her uncle when she discovers his evil intentions for the family fortune. As he binds the buxom beauty to a chair, she asks how he could do this to her, and the villain reveals he's not really her uncle. He scarf-gags Kiki and exposes her enormous breasts and leaves her in a dire situation. Will Yank Johnson be able to rescue her in time? Can you doubt it?