College-Napped!  - Alternate Camera Edit - Bella Rolland 0
College-Napped!  - Alternate Camera Edit - Bella Rolland 1
College-Napped!  - Alternate Camera Edit - Bella Rolland 2

Encore! This is the 2nd camera version of this hot bondage fantasy! Leggy student Bella Rolland has been taken captive by some unknown villains, and when we first see her, she's being thrown down onto a mattress with her hands tied behind her back. The feisty undergraduate angrily demands to be set free. We quickly learn from the ransom video that the stunning brunette has been nabbed by her own college. It seems her mother promised a significant bribe to get Bella admitted to the university, but after Bella was accepted the money never came though — and the college wants it now! The miniskirted babe is ballgagged and progressively bound from a classic position to a tight hogtie, and her ample breasts are bared as she struggles in vain against her inescapable bondage.

Then the long-stemmed beauty is compelled to make a second, more urgent ransom video. Now she's been stripped naked and securely roped into a calf-tie position (including a toe-tie). She begs for the ransom to be paid or the consequences will be dire. Poor Bella is then cleavegagged and she rolls around as much as possible in the restricting position, allowing unobstructed views of all her feminine charms. This is one college scandal that won't be making the mainstream news!