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In this sexy fantasy, Carissa Montgomery portrays an agent for the Bureau of National Defense and Governmental Espionage. In her first adventure, the busty blonde has been taken captive and stripped down to her bra and panties. She's cleavegagged and roped into a classic standing position (shown on-screen). Her elbows are roped together and her huge breasts are bared.

Then in a spa, secret agent Carissa is completely nude when she's attacked by an enemy agent who stuffs a cloth in her mouth. The gorgeous spy is secured with plastic wrap and roped down to the massage table. Her enormous breasts are exposed, and her captor humiliates her by compelling her to use a vibrator while he watches her (with a special cameo appearance by Leah J. as the overpowered masseuse).

That evening, Carissa is napping when she's attacked again. In a scene highlighted with on-screen trying and gagging, the sexy spy is napping in bed (wearing black lingerie) when she's pounced on by an enemy agent. The busty beauty is gagged with duct tape and bound into a classic position on the bed, with lots of rope on her bare legs. Her elbows are also snugly bound together and she struggles futilely against her bondage.

In another adventure, agent Carissa is taken captive once again. The busty spy is stripped naked, ballgagged and suspended in a hands-over-head position over a smoking vat of something horrible. The gorgeous blonde struggles and tries her best to escape, but she's really caught. Will our brave damsel surrender her secrets, or is she doomed?

The Carissa (in vinyl trenchcoat, turtleneck sweater, miniskirt and boots) is caught outside trying to infiltrate an enemy compound. The gorgeous blonde is strapped to post and silenced with a layered gag of cleavegag with tape (all shown on-screen). Soon her sweater is cut open to expose her huge breasts. Then our brave damsel is blindfolded and faces certain doom!

As the ending of the story is revealed, lingerie-clad beauty Carissa Montgomery is in bed, bandana gagged, handcuffed, and enjoying herself with a vibrator. No sooner is she finished when a masked man enters and consensually hogties her (shown on-screen). Then Carissa's enormous breasts are bared, she's blindfolded and happily squirms in her predicament.