Captivating Fantasies - Part Six - Lily Glee 0
Captivating Fantasies - Part Six - Lily Glee 1
Captivating Fantasies - Part Six - Lily Glee 2

This collection of knotty fantasies concludes with "Lily's Bondage Overtime." Sexy secretary Lily Glee is working all alone in her office late at night when she's confronted by a POV intruder. The sexy secretary is next seen silenced with a stuffed bandana gag and securely tied to a chair. The office damsel struggles and squirms against the ropes, at times extending her stocking-clad legs. Then as Ms. Glee's captivity continues, her pink cotton blouse is unbuttoned and her skirt is hiked up to expose her stocking-tops and garters. Soon the long-haired beauty's blouse if pulled open to bare her delectable breasts, and her feet are pulled back under her chair and tied so only the pointed toes of her black pumps touch the floor. Lily continues to futilely wriggle against the ropes, but she's completely helpless and at the mercy of her mysterious captor!