Bunnyrella - Space Adventuress - Bunny Colby 0
Bunnyrella - Space Adventuress - Bunny Colby 1
Bunnyrella - Space Adventuress - Bunny Colby 2

The thrilling adventures of our silver-suited space-babe continue! After narrowly escaping being eaten by a space worm, Bunnyrella (Bunny Colby) continues her mission to track down the elusive (and dangerous) Burma Burma, unaware she's being stalked by a ruthless bounty hunter! The busty beauty is confronted by the terrifying lizard man, and he uses a strange beam to paralyze his prey. Poor Bunnyrella is frozen, completely powerless to fight back or escape!

Then Bunnyrella is securely bound to a chair, and the bounty hunter informs her he's been hired by the gangster Durext Durext. He wants revenge for what Bunnyrella did to his organization, and it looks like he's going to get it! The monster silences his stunning captive with a metal ballgag, and she helplessly moans and squirms against the ropes as he prepares for their departure. Before long the evil lizard man returns to taunt his luscious prize, and he opens opens up Bunnyrella's space suit to expose her voluptuous breasts. Then as the final step, her captor completes her defeat by adding a blindfold. Now she's completely in his power -- will she ever be able to prevail?