Bride-Napped! - Part One - Katie Monroe 0
Bride-Napped! - Part One - Katie Monroe 1
Bride-Napped! - Part One - Katie Monroe 2

This bondage-filled fantasy begins at an event hall. A wedding rehearsal has finished, and the only people remaining inside are the bride, her maid of honor and the manager of the hall. Katie Monroe, the manager, is surprised when a ski-masked man enters and grabs her, hand over mouth. He asks if the bride, Savannah Sixx, is still there and the terrified woman confirms that she is. When we next see the busty blonde, she's cleavegagged, handcuffed, ankle-cuffed and securely bound to her chair with rope. The black-clad villain warns her not to try anything and assures her that he'll be back to check on her later. While he goes to complete his mission, the stunning captive tentatively tests her bonds, But she soon realizes that escape is impossible for her. She looks around, hoping someone will come to her rescue. But the only one who comes to see about her is the intruder, who takes advantage of Katie's helplessness to expose her voluptuous breasts. The evil man then leaves Ms. Monroe all alone again, and she futilely fights against her restraints, desperately trying not to be discovered in this humiliating position.