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This pulse-pounding video is now bargain priced! As this collection of bondage orgasms begins, fetish maids Ashley Renee and Carissa Montgomery are in the kitchen, and Ashley's in distress. Carissa chastises the busty domestic for getting them in trouble again, then she handcuffs Ashley's breasts and adds nipple clips before relenting slightly. Then both the lusty maids are cuffed, gagged and enjoying a two-fer of restrained orgasm.

Dusky beauty Maxine X is barefoot, ballgagged and frogtied on the bed in her frilly lingerie. Soon her enormous breasts are bared and the Hitachi vibrator roped to her leg is switched on, compelling the gorgeous captive to have a helpless orgasm.

Sultry Whitney Morgan pays homage to an iconic Hollywood sex symbol and asks "Why don't you tie me up some and see me come?" The luscious blonde is cleavegagged and roped to the bed, a vibrator is secured in its proper place and Whitney soon surrenders to its one-note song with a series of helpless orgasms.

Gorgeous brunette Arielle Lane is gagged with duct tape and frogtied on the sofa in her bra, panties, stockings and garterbelt. The leather orgasm belt is buckled around her waist, and soon the vibrator is switched on and the all natural beauty struggles, squirms but ultimately submits to a restrained orgasm.

Sexy soldier Alexis Grace has been taken captive, and she's roped down on the bed, defiantly claiming she won't surrender any military secrets. Then she's tapegagged and the vibrator tied to her leg is turned on. She resists the low setting, but the higher speed puts her over the top. Will she be willing to talk now?

In a deleted scene from Carissa Montgomery's interview feature "That Lady In Rope" the busty blonde indulges in some self-bondage. She happily chats and giggles as she binds her shapely legs, exposes her huge breasts (and binds them) and gags herself with a cloth and ballgag layered gag. Then she implores you to finish the job and tie her hands, and she moans and luxuriates in her bondage.

Maid Krystal Shay is silenced with a microfoam tape gag and tied down the bed with cloth strips. The sexy domestic starts with her hands overhead and ankles crossed, then is secured in an "Eiffel Tower" position that allows a peek at her feminine charms through the fishnet stockings. Next she's bound in a spreadeagle, and her perky breasts are exposed.

Gorgeous Niki Lee Young is bandana-gagged and tied to the sofa with her legs wide apart. As the scene progresses her T-shirt is cut away, baring her perfect breasts. The scene concludes with the gorgeous blonde tied in a classic, crossed-ankle position with a snug crotch-rope biting into her lacy black panties.