Blair's Helpless Orgasms - Blair Williams 0
Blair's Helpless Orgasms - Blair Williams 1
Blair's Helpless Orgasms - Blair Williams 2

Busty blonde Blair Williams has been taken captive by depraved villains. The heartless fiends have tightly tied her hands in front of her with hemp rope (but for a reason!) and frogtied her stocking-clad legs. Our sweet damsel has been silenced with a layered gag: a bandana gag secured with 3" microfoam tape pressed on her lips. Before long, Blair's captor's pull open up her white blouse to expose her full, luscious breasts. Then our damsel has a powerful vibrator bound in her hands. Though she resists, Blair knows she must use the evil toy for her captors' perverted pleasure. She ultimately succumbs to the relentless hum of the device and surrenders to her first bondage orgasm. But will they allow her to stop after just one?