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In this crossover episode of "Damsel Of The Sea" (or what could be a deleted scene from "The Trail Of Dr. Garth") sexy mermaid Agatha Delicious has been taken captive by the supervillain The Black Hoodie. The dark villain has snagged the aquatic beauty because he believes Agatha is actually the Doctor's daughter, transformed into her present state. Agatha's captor sends a video to the Doctor, demanding a face-to-face meeting for her safe return. The stunning mermaid's hands are tied behind her back, and she's silenced with a microfoam tape gag, wrapped all around her head under her hair. Left alone, our damsel wiggles like a fish on dry land. Then the cruel villain hogties his comely captive, and he admits he was mistaken about her true identity. Nonetheless, he informs her he had no trouble selling a gorgeous mermaid government agent on the black market. The Hoodie makes his escape and Agatha struggles in vain to free herself before her buyer can come to claim his prize.