Bella Bed-Bound - Bella Rolland 0
Bella Bed-Bound - Bella Rolland 1
Bella Bed-Bound - Bella Rolland 2

As the scene opens, leggy beauty Bella Rolland has been gagged with microfoam tape, and she's tied down to the bed in an "Eiffel Tower" bondage position. The statuesque damsel energetically struggles against the nylon ropes, but she can't slip out, or even stop your prying eyes from gazing at her lacy panties. Then the barefoot babe is re-tied in a snug frogtie with a braided crotchrope pressing in against her most intimate area, and her luscious, all-natural breasts are exposed. Bella continues to writhe and moan, desperately trying to escape an uncertain fate. But her active struggles only earn her some tight elbows-together bondage. Despite her best efforts, this long-stemmed lady is going to remain a helpless prisoner as long as her captor wants her!