Bedroom Damsels - Part Two - Bunny Colby  0
Bedroom Damsels - Part Two - Bunny Colby  1
Bedroom Damsels - Part Two - Bunny Colby  2

Self-bondage babe Bunny Colby has been discovered by a surprised POV burglar who seems interested in how the busty beauty developed her unusual interests. As her story continues she explains to her mysterious visitor that her interest in bondage peaked when she was in college. In another flashback, we see Bunny as an adorable student, going through a knotty initiation to pledge a sorority. In the basement of the sorority house, she's blindfolded and her hands are securely tied behind her back. Bunny seems nervous yet excited about her predicament, uncertain of what may happen to her next. The well-endowed student is bound face-down on a small mattress, and she begins to question if she has the nerve to go through with her initiation. Bunny's naked backside is subjected to some (feigned) discipline, and then she's bandana-gagged and bound into a crossed-ankle hogtie. Bunny's white blouse is unbuttoned to expose her ample bosom, and her pleated skirt rides up to bare her most intimate area. But the embarrassment of her initiation isn't quite over yet!