Bedroom Damsels - Part Three - Bunny Colby 0
Bedroom Damsels - Part Three - Bunny Colby 1
Bedroom Damsels - Part Three - Bunny Colby 2

Self-bondage babe Bunny Colby has been discovered by a surprised POV burglar who seems interested in how the busty beauty developed her unusual interests. She gives some of her history but when her prurient narrative finished, Bunny sheepishly admits to the intruder that this particular situation has always been a big fantasy for her, and she invites him to join her bondaged orgasm scene. When we next see our sweet bedroom damsel her voluptuous breasts are bared and she's more tied down with lines of nylon cord securing her to the bed. She says a few words to her captor, indicating that she must know him better than their now-apparent role-play indicated. Bunny is then ballgagged, the vibrator is brought to life, and it's not long until our bound and gagged darling submits to a powerful orgasm.