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In "The Bondage Love Angel." Sweet Melody Marks introduces herself as the titular character, and she tells you she's here to grant you three fantasies. The first fantasy she grants is one of erotic tension and suspense. As it begins, cheerleader Melody enters her apartment after practice and is at first perplexed and then creeped out when she finds someone has left a doll on her bed. Specifically it's a cheerleader doll that bears some resemblance to her, and it's bound and gagged! She then turns and sees her POV stalker. Melody demands to know the meaning of all this, and she quickly finds out! The sexy cheerleader is next seen ballgagged and suspended from the ceiling! Melody energetically struggles and squirms in mid-air like a helpless, drooling marionette. As she fights against her bondage, her short skirt offers no privacy at all, and her most intimate area is easily visible to her depraved captor. Then Melody's top is pulled up, exposing her perfect, perky breasts.