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Now this pulse-pounding feature is bargain priced! Alexis Taylor portrays the kinky titular advice columnist is this adaptation of the Bondagebabylon feature. "Joy" answers letters from an all-star cast, giving sage advice for their "knotty" problems. The bound and gagged beauties featured in this 13 minute show are (in alphabetical order) Claire Adams, Goldie Blair, Christina Carter, Melissa Jacobs, Jennifer Lee, Karina Santos, Angie Savage and Celeste Star.

The "Ask Joy" feature is followed by the complete scenes of the damsels in the show. We begin with Melissa Jacobs. The gorgeous blonde unknowingly opens her door for a home invasion robber. She's roped into a hogtie and silenced with a stuffed bandana gag. Her luscious breasts are bared and the villain leaves his beautiful captive alone to struggle.

In the next expanded scene, bikini babe Angie Savage walks in on a burglary and is grabbed (hand over mouth) by bad guy Devon Savage. She's cleavegagged with a necktie (shown onscreen) and roped into a fold-tie. The blonde cutie squirms to the floor and manages to escape from her shoes but not the ropes. She falls over onto her side but remains helpless to free herself. All she can do is wait for the humiliation of being found in her vulnerable position!

Thrift store owner Claire Adams and her employee Celeste Star are confronted by a robber at the store. The villain compels Claire to hogtie Celeste, and then he hogties the lady-boss (all tying is shown on-screen). Then the robber tapegags his pretty victims, and exposes their all-natural breasts before absconding with the cash and leaving the lovely ladies to helplessly struggle and squirm.

In the following segment, jogger Karina Santos is nabbed after her morning run. The slender beauty is bandana-gagged and tied up in the closet. Then sultry Asian babe Jennifer Lee is frogtied and scarf-gagged on the bed in a consensual scene.

In the next two-part segment, Joy herself (Alexis Taylor) is bandana-gagged and tied up at her desk in a classic position. Of course her huge breasts are bared. Then Joy's busty secretary Christina Carter is suspended and while doing her work. Despite her bondage, Christina manages to utilize her stockinged feet to use her laptop. (Christina's enormous breasts are exposed as well.)

In the final segment of "Ask Joy," we learn a little about where those letters to the kinky advice columnist come from. Also, Goldie Blair is frogtied on the floor in her bra, panties and high heels. The busty beauty is cleavegagged, and she struggles helplessly against the ropes. Soon her enormous breasts are bared.