American Damsel's Nightmare - Part Two - Melody Marks 0
American Damsel's Nightmare - Part Two - Melody Marks 1
American Damsel's Nightmare - Part Two - Melody Marks 2

Super-lady American Damsel (Melody Marks) has been taken captive by her arch-nemesis Nightmare. He's subjected the gorgeous crimebuster to the signature manifestation of his power: a terrifying nightmare. As her bad dream continues, the villain reenters and torments his gorgeous captive with an unusual choice of implement. He pulls up her fairy dress to exposure her most intimate area as she struggles to evade his depraved grasp. Left alone, American Damsel pulls herself up by her leather cuffs, wildly struggling and spinning to escape this terrible situation, but her efforts are all in vain. Then as her nightmare shifts, she's stark naked, and she's confronted by a sinister figure in a gorilla costume! The nude crimebuster faints at the sight of the ape-man, and when she opens her eyes again she's tapegagged and tied to a stool with her legs wide open. Poor American Damsel can't stop the damned dirty ape from pawing at her, fearful of what the furry primate has planned for her next. And as her horrible vision continues, she soon discovers that her fears were well-founded. The nude beauty is tied bent over a stool, a bright red bandana knotted over her tapegag. Soon the hairy villain returns to grope his tied-up prize, and he then takes lusty advantage of the distressed damsel.