American Damsel's Nightmare - Part Four - Melody Marks 1
American Damsel's Nightmare - Part Four - Melody Marks 2

American Damsel (Melody Marks) has been taken captive by her arch-nemesis Nightmare and subjected to a device that has changed her on a moleculr level. Because of the diabolical device, American Damsel has been transformed into a mermaid! The defeated super-lady is scarfgagged, her hands are bound with rope and her tail is chained to the padded table on which she sits in desperate failure. Nightmare comes in to gloat over his ultimate victory, and he tells American Damsel that he plans to sell her to one of her enemies for unspeakable experiments. Even though all seems lost, she continues to struggle. As she awaits her horrible fate, her seashell bra is removed, and then her elbows are cruelly bound together. Will American Damsel ever be able to escape from this nightmare?