American Damsel's Awakening - Melody Marks 0
American Damsel's Awakening - Melody Marks 1
American Damsel's Awakening - Melody Marks 2

In the previous feature "American Damsel's Nightmare," our star-spangled super-babe (Melody Marks) fell into the clutches of her nemesis who subjected her to a series of horrible dreams and then handed her a crushing defeat. As this epilogue to that surreal adventure begins, we learn that the entire story was all a disturbing vision from American Damsel's subsconcious. Or was it? The gorgeous crimebuster is relieved to wake up and realize it was all just a bad dream, but unbeknownst to her the black-clad villain is hovering nearby. The evil Nightmare clamps a gloved hand over her mouth and tells her that her own nightmare is only just beginning. American Damsel is then seen tied down to the bed, and her captor silences her with a stuffed tapegag (shown on-screen). The depraved evildoer cuts open her T-shirt to expose her perfect breasts, then he activates the vibrator strapped between her thighs. She makes a valiant effort to resist the merciless hum of the device, but it's not long until she has no choice but to submit to a helpless, eye-rolling orgasm. Is this really happening, or is it another nightmare fabricated by the dark master of dreams?