Agent Darla's Dilemma - Darla Crane 0
Agent Darla's Dilemma - Darla Crane 1
Agent Darla's Dilemma - Darla Crane 2

Gorgeous government agent Darla Crane is working undercover in an office when she's confronted by burglars. The villains cleavegag the luscious redhead and bind her to her chair, and she valiantly struggles in vain against the restraints. When the intruders pull open her dress, they discover her badge pinned to her bra strap: now her cover is blown, and her mission is a failure. But the bad guys don't stop there, and soon they bare her considerable breasts. Our plucky damsel tries to free herself from the ropes, wondering what her depraved captors have planned for her next.


The burglars decide to have some fun with the busty beauty, and Darla is stripped down to her bra, panties, garters, stockings and high heels, tied up in a classic standing position and ballgagged. Her breasts are revealed, and the vanquished agent tries to get loose so she can save herself from being discovered in this humiliating predicament. Just when the helpless agent thinks things can't get worse, the villains pull down her lacy panties before leaving the stunning redhead to be found totally exposed and defeated.