Action Lady's Adventures - The Complete Video 0
Action Lady's Adventures - The Complete Video 1
Action Lady's Adventures - The Complete Video 2

This sensational collection of Action Lady's premiere adventures is now bargain priced! As her adventures begin, Action Lady (Carissa Montgomery) is captured when she goes undercover as a college student. The busty blonde is bound hand and foot and cleavegagged with a bandana. When she tries to hop away, she's caught, duct tape is pressed over her gag, her enormous breasts are exposed and she's hogtied on the sofa.

Then Action Lady is working undercover as a uniformed cop when she's caught and handcuffed to the bed by a corrupt co-worker. The gorgeous blonde is bandana-gagged, progressively exposed and then helplessly struggles and moans when she's locked into an inescapable handcuff hogtie.

Next Action Lady goes undercover to investigate the mysterious "Mr. Nimzo," she's dressed up only in pantyhose, high heels, gloves and a necklace -- and a crotchrope, with her hands and elbows tightly tied. The well-endowed blonde says the wrong word, her cover is blown, and she's bound and ballgagged. She seductively poses her legs in an attempt to win favor with her captor, but she's securely tied to a stool, and in dire need of rescue!

While snooping in an office, Action Lady is taken captive by a mysterious masked man. The sexy secretary is cleavegagged and tied (all shown on-screen) into a strict elbows-together, back-arching hogtie. The villain pulls her blouse and bra aside to expose her enormous breasts. The curvy blonde struggles for all she's worth, but can't escape -- and her ordeal isn't over yet!

Action Lady continues to be the captive of a masked villain. The stunning blonde is wearing bra, panties and heels on the bed, and she's compelled to gag herself by stuffing a cloth into her mouth a pressing duct tape on her lips. Our busty damsel is tied (all shown on-screen) into a strict kneeling position with a snug crotchrope and her luscious breasts are bared.

As Action Lady's captivity at the hands of the masked vilain continues, our lusciouis damsel is bound into a lotus position in a lacy teddy and high heels. The mysterious bad guy tapegags the gorgeous damsel (shown on-screen) and then he turns on a powerful vibrator, compelling the adventuress to have a helpless orgasm.

In her next adventure, Action Lady goes undercover in a hospital to track down a notorious doctor. But when her cover is blown, the hunter becomes the prey, and she's tightly strapped into a straitjacket, her legs bound with leather straps. The barefoot beauty is ballgagged, and she struggles in vain to free herself. What does the sinister doctor have planned for our damsel?

Action Lady remains the prisoner of the evil doctor. She's stripped naked and bound into a frogtie with cloth strips on a bed. Carissa is cleavegagged with a layer of duct tape added, and a powerful vibrator is secured to her thigh. Once the vibrator is turned on, poor Carissa can't help but surrender to the powerful buzz and she's helpless to stop herself from experiencing a shuddering orgasm.