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The Rebel And The Spy - Alternate Takes - Part Five - Mila Brite

May 24, 2017 − Mila Brite

7:21 minutes

As the second-camera scenes from "Blonde In A Haunted House" continue, our buxom damsel (Mila Brite) has been taken to a secret room by her mysterious captor. The busty blonde has been cleavegagged and is securely tied to a chair. Soon her nylon-clad legs are bound wide apart (allowing an unobstructed view of her pantyhose) and her pendulous breasts are exposed. The sexy blonde prisoner moans and struggles in vain, but will she ever be able to escape?



The Rebel And The Spy - Alternate Takes - Part Three - Nikki Knightly

May 23, 2017 − Nikki Knightly

4:28 minutes

In this alternate take of the finale from "The Rebel And The Spy," sexy Nikki Knightly has been taken captive by the revolutionary leader "El Bobo." But in this edited-down second camera edit, all of the storyline has been excised. We have our ballgagged damsel chair-tied with her hands over head, and the powerful vibrator is secured between her thighs and humming its one-note siren song. Before long Nikki can no longer resist the device, and she surrenders to a series of helpless orgasms.



The Rebel And The Spy - Alternate Takes - Part Four - Mila Brite

May 22, 2017 − Mila Brite

6:34 minutes

As the alternate camera takes from "Blonde In A Haunted House" begins, the titular damsel (sexy secretary Mila Brite) has already been taken captive by the mysterious hooded villain. The busty babe is ballgagged and frogtied on a padded square table and struggling to free herself. Before long her sinister captors open up her blouse to expose her pendulous breasts. Mila drools past her ballgag and squirms in vain, wondering what the bad guys may have in store for her next! 



The Rebel And The Spy - Alternate Takes - Part Two - Nikki Knightly

May 21, 2017 − Jon Woods, Nikki Knightly

3:20 minutes

In this alternate camera take from "The Rebel And The Spy," sexy Nikki Knightly has been grabbed in her bed by the one-eyed revolutionary, "El Bobo." In this pared-down scene, the on-screen tying has been omitted, and we see our panty-clad damsel snugly bound on the bed in a fold-tie and cleavegagged. Poor Nikki is helpless to get up, but she still struggles as much as the bondage allows. This clip includes some nice close-ups of Nikki's bare feet.



The Rebel And The Spy - Alternate Takes - Part One - Nikki Knightly

May 20, 2017 − Jon Woods, Nikki Knightly

4:10 minutes

In this alternate-camera take, the opening bondage scene from "The Rebel And The Spy" is pared down and the storyline has been eliminated. What we have is a wonderful alternate view of sexy ponygirl Nikki Knightly. Our high-fetish damsel is all dressed up in her pony-gear and secured to the bed with leather restraints and rope, and she's got a padded bit-gag buckled between her teeth. Nikki squirms and strains against her bondage in vain, and she looks fantastic doing it! 



Damsel Of The Week - Part Three - Kiki D'Aire

May 19, 2017 − Kiki D'aire

9:16 minutes

Struggling actress Kiki D'Aire continues with yet another chapter of her ongoing career as the frequently imperiled "Damsel Of The Week" in assorted TV shows and low-budget movies.  The busty babe has been cast as the leading damsel in the Z-grade science fiction thriller "Invasion Of The Tricotians."  Our buxom protagonist is in bed when she's suddenly swarmed by the annoyingly cheerful extraterrestrials.  Kiki tries to reason with the aliens, but the brightly-colored space invaders frogtie their luscious hostage, and cleavegag her as well.  The Tricotians also cut two strategically-placed holes in her T-shirt, and they rope a powerful vibrator to her thigh.  They activate the device, and though our well-endowed damsel tries her best to resist the Hitachi, it's not long before she surrenders to a series of helpless orgasms -- much to her captors' depraved delight!



Corporate Espionage - Alternate Takes - Part Six - Mary Jane Green

May 18, 2017 − Jon Woods, Mary Jane Green

3:37 minutes

In this final alternate take, corporate spy Mary Jane Green has been left bound and gagged by her rival, Vibert. The stunning brunette is tied seated on the desk with her long, stocking clad legs and high heels on display. The femme fatale is cleavegagged, and before long her luscious breasts are bared and her skirt is hiked up to expose her stocking tops and garters. The sexy spy struggles to free herself to no avail, but she does manage to escape from her high heels. This edit features lots of wonderful close-ups of the vanquished vixen.



Corporate Espionage - Alternate Takes - Part Five - Jacky Fay-Lynn

May 17, 2017 − Jacky Fay-Lynn, Jon Woods

4:54 minutes

In this encore second-camera edit, defeated superheroine "The Queen of Wands" (Jacky Fay-Lynn) is still being held captive by the dangerous enemy agent known only as The Gray Man. In this pared-down clip, Jacky's interaction with her captor has been excised, and we begin with the long-haired damsel stripped down to her panties, chair-tied and silenced with a layered gag of a cleavegag held securely in place with microfoam tape. The vibrator positioned between her thighs is activated, and though Jacky tries to resist it, it's not long before she surrenders to a helpless orgasm (or two).



Corporate Espionage - Alternate Takes - Part Four - Jacky Fay-Lynn

May 16, 2017 − Jacky Fay-Lynn

3:15 minutes

In this pared-down encore, second camera edit, superlady "The Queen of Wands" (Jacky Fay Lynn) has already been subdued, bound and unmasked by The Gray Man. The petite beauty has also already had her costume cut to shreds, and her luscious breasts and pierced nipples are exposed by her captor. The helpless champion of justice is secured into a duct tape hogtie, and all she can do is helpless struggle to free herself, but her energetic efforts prove to all be in vain!



Corporate Espionage - Alternate Takes - Part Three - Jacky Fay-Lynn

May 15, 2017 − Jacky Fay-Lynn, Jon Woods

6:46 minutes

In this second-camera encore, catsuited burglar Jacky Fay-Lynn is caught breaking into a safe by the janitor (in reality, corporate spy Vibert). The petite beauty is ballgagged and bound up with rope while seated on the safe she cracked, and the villain removes her mask before absconding with her loot. Vibert does return to complete poor Jacky's failure by unzipping her suit to expose her lovely breasts (with pierced nipples). Our captured thief struggles and protests, but she just can't get free!