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Double Agent Blues - Part Six - Kiki D'Aire

April 25, 2017 − Jon Woods, Kiki D'aire

13:06 minutes

In this tale starring Kiki D'Aire, she tells us how she came out to Hollywood to be a serious actress, but soon discovered that the roles she mostly frequently lands is that of the guest-starring eye candy for TV shows and movies who usually gets into trouble and needs to be rescued by the hero, or what she calls "The Damsel Of The Week." She presents one such example as she guest stars in an episode of "Yank Johnson, All American." As an imperiled heiress, Kiki (in pantyhose, heels and a pink skirt suit) is nabbed by her uncle when she discovers his evil intentions for the family fortune. As he binds the buxom beauty to a chair, she asks how he could do this to her, and the villain reveals he's not really her uncle. He scarf-gags Kiki and exposes her enormous breasts and leaves her in a dire situation. Will Yank Johnson be able to rescue her in time? Can you doubt it?



Double Agent Blues - Part Five - Chanel Preston

April 24, 2017 − Chanel Preston

3:21 minutes

As the next episode of "Damsel Of The Sea" continues, stunning Chanel Preston remains the captive of enemy agents who believe that she (like Shavelle Love) is also a mermaid.  After many attempts to prove their theory, the villains do ultimately discover the way to effect her metamorphosis, and the beautiful mermaid suddenly finds herself tapegagged, bound on a bare mattress with her tail elevated in a "mermaid tie."  How will she ever be able to escape?



Double Agent Blues - Part Four - Chanel Preston

April 23, 2017 − Chanel Preston

7:56 minutes

In the next episode of "Damsel Of The Sea," stunning brunette Chanel Preston is apprehended by enemy agents who suspect that she (like the original damsel of the sea Shavelle Love) is actually a mermaid. Chanel is dressed up in a blouse, short skirt, high heels and thigh-high stockings and tied down spreadeagle to the bed as she tries to convince the dangerous men that they're mistaken. But they're skeptical, and cleavegag their gorgeous hostage, sit her up and tie her to the headboard while they try to discover the secret of her transformation. They unbutton her blouse and expose her considerable breasts as Chanel's captivity continues. Will Chanel's captors ever be able to discover the way to effect her metamorphosis, or are they wrong about the trussed-up beauty?



Double Agent Blues - Part Three - Blair Williams

April 22, 2017 − Blair Williams

6:13 minutes

Captive Double Agent Blair Williams is taken away to a remote cabin in the woods where she's dressed only in a corset, strappy heels and long black gloves. She's tied down spreadeagle on the bed, and she tries to negotiate for release with her new owner. But the buyer isn't interested in what the captured double agent has to offer, and she's cleavegagged. Before long, the powerful vibrator secured between her legs is activated, and though she tries her best to resist the relentless buzz of the device, Blair ultimately succumbs to a shuddering orgasm. But Ms. Williams is still in for a shock when she learns the real story behind the plot! 



Double Agent Blues - Part Two - Blair Williams

April 21, 2017 − Blair Williams

7:02 minutes

Captured spy Blair Williams is dressed up a very revealing, fetishy leather outfit, ballgagged and restrained with cuffs and leg-irons. The evil men who are holding her captive inform Ms. Williams they intend to sell the gorgeous blonde off as a bondage slave on an internet auction, and they demand they she give the potential buyers a good show. She poses and struts in her bondage, afraid of the consequences if she resists them. After her performance, she sits handcuffed and frightened when she gets the word that she's been sold and her buyer will be coming to claim her merchandise any minute.



Double Agent Blues - Part One - Blair Williams

April 20, 2017 − Blair Williams

6:56 minutes

The problem with being a double agent is you have twice as many enemies, as spy-babe Blair Williams finds out the hard way. The luscious blonde is working undercover as a secretary when her cover is blown and she's taken captive. Blair is dressed up in secretarial skirt, blouse, jacket and strappy heels and she's bandana-gagged and tied to her office chair. Left alone, she makes a valiant effort to extricate herself before she finds out what the baddies have planned for her, and she scoots all over, looking for something that will aid in her effort to escape her restraints. But she can't get away, and the villains expose her ample breasts as they prepare for the next part of their plan. Our feisty damsel continues to struggle against the ropes, but she remains their helpless prisoner. 



To Trap A Spy - Mary Jane Green

April 19, 2017 − Mary Jane Green

8:45 minutes

Gorgeous Mary Jane Green portrays the notorious spy "Mara Jana," and she's on a mission. She's assigned to retrieve a secret decoder hidden away in a piano, and she carefully searches the room the room to make sure she's not being observed. But no sooner does she retrieve the coveted item when she's caught! Our damsel feigns innocence, but the villains aren't buying her act. She's bound hand and foot, and secured to two stools to display her long, shapely legs. She refuses to cooperate with her captors, or tell them anything... so they decide to gag our brave damsel. Left alone, the beautiful brunette struggles for all she's worth, and she manages to slip out of her high-heeled shoes -- but the ropes hold fast! How will Mara Jana escape this time?



Good Knot, And Good Luck - Part Six - Terra Mizu

April 18, 2017 − Jon Woods, Terra Mizu

6:25 minutes

As "The Black Hoodie Returns!" concludes, captive former superheroine Terra Mizu is dressed only in her pantyhose and bound into a frogtie. The Black Hoodie stuffs a large cloth between her lips and seals it in with 3" wide microfoam tape. He informs the busty redhead of the dire fate he has planned for her, and he makes a hasty exit. The stocking-footed damsel moans and athletically squirms against her bondage, but she can't get away! Will someone save Terra in time, or is she doomed?



Good Knot, And Good Luck - Part Five - Terra Mizu

April 17, 2017 − Jon Woods, Terra Mizu

11:27 minutes

As "The Black Hoodie Returns!" continues, former superheroine Terra Mizu arrives at Professor Garth's laboratory for her appointment with Jelena's boss. But the professor is out and Ms. Jensen is nowhere to be found. Instead the unsuspecting adventuress is met by her old nemesis The Black Hoodie! The shadowy scoundrel is the one who robbed the red-haired beauty of her powers, but she's hopelessly outmatched and falls into his clutches again. Terra (in miniskirt, blouse and pantyhose) is cleavegagged and hogtied on the sofa by the villain to keep her out of the way while he completes his mysterious mission at the lab. Our resilient damsel manages to squirm onto the floor, but before she can get very far she's caught again by the Black Hoodie. The cruel criminal tightly binds her elbows together and bares her enormous breasts. Left alone again, Terra continues her futile escape attempt. But she's still helplessly trussed up when he returns for her.



Good Knot, And Good Luck - Part Four - Jelena Jensen

April 16, 2017 − Jelena Jensen

7:18 minutes

As "The Black Hoodie Returns!" begins, this tale of the masked villain resumes at Professor Wayne Garth's laboratory. Sexy receptionist Jelena Jensen remains the captive of the dark intruder. The busty beauty has been stripped down to her lacy bra and panties, and she's bound into a foldtie. Her captor has ballgagged the stunning brunette, and she can't help but salivate down her voluminous breasts. Then the busty, barefoot office-babe is roped to the love seat while in a cross-legged position, her arms bound wide apart. Her bra is pulled down to reveal her huge breasts and she's been silenced with microfoam tape wrapped around her head, under her hair. Jelena struggles to escape, but her efforts are all in vain.